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Consultations throughout Austria and
in many other countries of Europe.

What WE do for YOU

We provide extensive services including coaching, psychological consulting, mediation, etc. for our clients with our EAP counsellors all over Austria  – with a clear focus on prevention! Getting assistance of a coach who accompanies you in specific situations is a very simple yet successful way to progress personally as well as professionally!

But it is not just about supporting and coaching employees for us. Additionally, we further the development of a healthy and positive corporate culture. This is why we completed our portfolio in 2014 with additional business seminars, workshops, and programs for executives. Since 2016 we also provide special trainings for executives, which we bundled for our new brand EAP+ .

What we mean by “meaning-oriented”

  • What do all commercially successful and innovative businesses where people love to work have in common?
  • What is these companies idea of man?

We learned from the most successful businesses that the best motor and the best motivator for outstanding performances are the following components:

  • Employees are a high priority in these businesses
  • Meaningful opportunities for employees are pointed out consistently

It is our role to support our clients to provide and point out these meaningful opportunities to their employees!

“There is nothing in the world that would so effectively help one to survive even the worst conditions, as the knowledge that there is a meaning in one’s life.

Viktor E. Frankl


Cornelia Martens
Managing Director

Lawyer, mediator, certified psychological counsellor, systemic business coach

Advanced training
Crisis intervention, intercultural counselling, diversity management, burnout counselling

Professional experience as
lawyer, compliance manager, mediator, management consultant, EAP counsellor since 2007; founder and managing director of the EAP Institute since 2012

First Austrian member of the association of European EAP providers EAEF
Co-host of the European EAP conference (EAEF) 2014 in Vienna.

Member of the Red Cross crisis intervention team in an honorary capacity.

Our EAP counsellors

have academic or corresponding trainings.
They are

  • Psychotherapists
  • Psychologists
  • Lawyers
  • Mediators
  • Management consultants
  • Certified life and social coaches

Here for you, wherever you are in Austria.

EAP also in many countries of Europe.

Here are some of our Austrian counsellors

EAP Institute – partners

Occupational psychology

Dr. Bardia Monshi

Dr. Bardia Monshi
iVip – Institut für Vitalpsychologie

Dr. Heinz Zidek

Dr. Heinz Zidek

Occupational medicine

Dr. Katja Angermair

Dr. Katja Angermair
Arbeitsmedizinisches Zentrum

Stefan Schwarz, MSc

Stefan Schwarz, MSc
ISF – Institut für Sinnzentrierte Führung


Dr. Harald Pichler

Dr. Harald Pichler

Evaluation of mental stress situations

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Employee Assistance
European Forum


austrian business council
for sustainable development