Successful with strong teams.
Identify and harness potentials.
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How does your business benefit from EAP?

Successful with strong teams

Committed employees and strong teams are vital parts of any entrepreneurial success. When the current economic situation urges you to save and reduce cost you have to ask yourself in which areas you can save money and where you should continue to invest.

EAP is an effective and sustainable investment because it reduces sickness rates and decreases costs incurred by presenteesim.

Use the Stanford calculator to determine these costs incurred by work absences.

Identify and harness potentials


How high are the costs for services not rendered?
The Stanford formula identifies the costs incurred by work absences

Stanford University in California conducts health management studies, which include losses incurred by deficient work performances or services not rendered by employees due to psychological and mental stress.

The Standford formula is based on the results of these studies. This formula assumes that the performance of 20% of all employees is reduced by an average of 25% due to stress, concerns, troubles, etc. These costs incurred by work loss are often disregarded.

Do you want to calculate these costs for your business yourself? Enter your company’s figures directly into the Stanford calculator and visualise the potential of EAP.

Stanford calculator

Number of employees 20% affected employees (addiction, burnout, etc.) click to calculate Number of your affected employees
Employees Average annual gross salary of your employees click to calculate Average salary of your affected employees
Result 25% reduced performance click to calculate Costs incurred by services not rendered

What businesses can expect from us

The EAP Institute was the first Austrian member of the EAEF (Employee Assistance European Forum), the European association of EAP providers. All of the team’s counsellors have academic or corresponding training. They are psychotherapists, psychologists, lawyers, mediators, management consultants or certified life and social consultants. The EAP Institute has counselling centres all over Austria. A toll-free emergency hotline is available around the clock. Foreign-language counselling can also be provided, if needed.

The EAP Institute uses software with the latest security standards to identify a company’s deficiencies and visualises achieved performance improvements.

Due to its international collaborations, the EAP Institute can even provide employee counselling for multinational companies from a single source.

Our EAP services are individually adapted for the respective business. The achieve the best-possible success for each company, we collaborate closely with management/HR departments as well as already existing in-house counselling services, including company doctors and psychologists.

Besides our services for large corporations, we also provide special concepts for small and medium sized businesses that emphasise health promotion.

  • Burnout prevention
  • Strengthening resilience
  • Meaning-oriented conduct for managers and employees
  • Healthy leadership
  • Intercultural counselling
  • Multiple-stress situations for women
  • Special trainings, e.g. how to handle dementia
  • all additional services of EAP+

Which EAP services work best for your business?

We develop our EAP services in close collaboration with you and customise them to perfectly meet the requirements of your business, depending on which internal measures are already in place and which goals you as managing director or HR manager want to achieve. One of our particular strengths is collaborating with individual company’s respective executives.

We evaluate existing measures and assess them regularly with our internal EAP management system. Our software compiles informative performance reports to identify internal deficiencies quickly, while consistently protecting the employees’ anonymity and privacy.

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