Consultations are completely confidential and anonymous. A conversation with an “outsider” often already helps a lot. Consulting or supporting provides relief and a good feeling of safety.

How do you, as an employee, benefit from EAP?

Get help when you need it


Our consultants are here for you and immediate family. A conversation with an “outsider” often already helps a lot, no matter whether it concerns a professional or private issue.

We are contractually sworn to absolute secrecy! Your employer will not even know that you talked with one of our consultants.

Such an extensive consulting and support portfolio, which you can use when necessary or as a preventative measure, provides relief and a good feeling of safety.

As soon as your employer signs a contract with us you can make use of our support and consulting services for free!

Here is what EAP provides for you


  • A toll-free 0800 helpline which is staffed around the clock
  • Free access to many counselling services – your employer already paid for it with a flat rate
  • Coaching and counselling in one of our Austria-wide consulting centres or over the phone
  • Coaching and counselling for your immediate family member (who live in your household)
  • Highly qualified counsellors
  • We are contractually sworn to absolute secrecy towards your employer
  • Your employer will not know that you used our services and no personal data will ever be passed on to your company
  • Confidentiality on all issues
  • A feeling of relief, knowing that you can use EAP services when necessary or as a preventative measure, and get help

Workplace counselling

Our coaching services focus on work-related issues.

These primarily include time management and burnout prevention, but many more as well:

  • What is the most sensible way to use my resources?
  • What is the best way to handle time pressure and assigned tasks?
  • What kinds of development opportunities are available at my company?
  • How do I prepare myself for a performance review?
  • How can I solve problems I have with colleagues and supervisors?

Work speed in workplaces increased dramatically in the last decades. Workflows have become faster and more efficient. Everyone is expected to answer e-mails as soon as possible and we all have to be available at almost any time.


Our consultants support and help you with all issues that may arise in everyday working life!

Counselling on private issues

Our counsellors are available for personal conversations with you, as an employee or manager, as well as with your immediate family members who live in your household.

Which issues can you talk to us about in confidence?

Generally, any problem an employee may struggle with can be the topic of an EAP counselling session. These also include private issues, such as:

  • Marital, relationship, and divorce related problems, educational issues
  • Multiple simultaneous stress situations
  • Questions regarding your return to work and compatibility of job and family
  • Addiction related problems
  • Debts
  • Intercultural problems
  • Anxiety and depression

We have qualified consultants at our phone hotline who can provide first assistance right away.

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Family services and research

Research and consulting on specific issues – it’s oftentimes the little things that cause problems.

  • Which public authority is responsible for specific matters?
  • Where can I get a child minder or nursery school place quickly?
  • How can I get stationary nursing care for family member in need of care?
  • Which public authorities are responsible for nursing care related matters?
  • School related problems, education problems, etc.

Our EAP consultants provide advice and information, and make contact with the respective authorities to solve problems as quickly as possible.

We also provide trainings and seminars as part of our family services.

Contact us anytime for more information.