Essential tips for working from home

7. April 2020   Dr. Sophia Bolzano
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Essential tips for working from home

The current situation may affect the way we work, as many people had to change their workplace to working from home.

How can we manage working from home more effectively? Psychologists provide the following recommendations:


Working space

  • Create your work space, a corner or a desk separated from other activities
  • Set a similar work schedule as if you were at work
  • Prepare your daily goals and tasks
  • Be aware of distractions – whether its housework, reading articles on the internet or anything else, plan these activities after your working hours



  • Communicate more frequently with your colleagues to maintain your relationships and your own motivation
  • Determine the expectations – have a call or email at least once a week with your manager
  • If there are more people in your household, make a schedule to have enough space and time for work tasks and home activities
  • If your children are at home, try to set up quality time with them during the day and time without them when you can work (based on their age)



  • Adopt a working mindset – wake up at the same time as if you were going to work and keep your normal daily routine
  • Pay attention to your physical needs – regular breakfast, lunch, water, etc.
  • Get some fresh air – open the window regularly to oxygenate the brain or deep breathe on your balcony
  • Define the frequency and duration of your breaks
  • Be active to increase your concentration – stand up regularly, take a walk around your home, have a short home workout during your breaks
  • Maintain a work life balance – do not use your free time or weekends for working
Source: Our cooperation-partner Human Dynamic Europe

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